Hidrothermal Dolomite

Many romboedric crystals of dolomite


This photo is of dolomite which was formed during the upper Anisic age (approximately 242 million years ago) inside a vein where hot water




This specimen is from Col Piombin, an abandoned zinc, lead and iron mine close to Passo Giau.

Name: Hydrothermal Dolomite
Classification: Hydrothermal mineral
Mineral composition: Dolomite, other
Fossils: none
Location: Col Piombin in the vicinity of Passo Giau (46°47’67.22″N12°03’18.89″E)
Formation: Contrin formation
Erà: Upper Anisic (approximately 242 million years ago)
Depositional environment*:

Carbonate substructure (shallow coastal environment)

*) The environment refers to the encasing rock and not the dolomite that is the subject of the photo