Sandstone of the Dolomites

Volcanic rock


Volcanic rocks contain a huge variety of minerals which show up in a variety of colours and textures.


During the Triassic period (252-201 million years ago) there was no lack of volcanoes in the Dolomites.


This rock was formed from sand made up of granules of volcanic rock.


Similar sands, black in colour, can be found today on the beaches of volcanic islands such as the Canaries or in Sicily where the slopes of Etna descend to the sea.


This particular sandstone is from the Ladinian  (approximately 240 million years ago) 


and was formed in a rather deep sea where the products of erosion of the Dolomite volcanoes accumulated.

Name: Arkose-lithic Sandstone
Classification: Clastic sedimentary rock
Mineral composition: Feldspar, pyroxene, olivine, mica, other
Fossils: none
Formation: Mount Cernera(46°47’60.83″N 12°05’80.61″E)
Formation: Mount Fernazza formation
Era: Upper Ladinic (approximately 238 million years ago)
Depositional environment: Deep sea