The Artist

Bernardo cesare

With the help of a digital SLR camera connected to a petrographic microscope, Professor Bernardo Cesare was able to capture the incredible microworlds hidden in the ordinary matter that makes up dolomitic rocks.

Professor of Petrography in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Padua, he has been photographing rocks for years for artistic purposes. His microphotos of rocks have been displayed in galleries, scientific and mineralogical exhibitions, in natural science museums in Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Hungary, and the USA, and published in magazines, calendars and scientific periodicals.

Thanks to his skill and expertise, we can now show you previously unseen images of the microscopic substance of Dolomite Geology which reveal scintillating diversity and tonalities of interference colours which result from the natural diffusion of polarised light.

The technique that he uses does not involve any further processing of the photos, neither before nor after they are taken. All of the subjects were photographed from thin sections of dolomitic rocks and magnified using objectives ranging from 2,5X to 20X.